10 fevereiro 2017

Participe de grupos de visto de trabalho temporário H-2B para brasileiros nos Estados Unidos (EUA)

Olá, pessoal, tudo bem?
Tenho procurado grupos, tanto no Facebook quanto no WhatsApp de pessoas interessadas em saber mais sobre o visto H-2B. O H-2B é um visto de trabalho temporário, com frequência sazonal, emitido pelo governo americano para trabalhadores que estejam procurando uma oportunidade de trabalho nos Estados Unidos por um certo período de tempo.

Ainda não criei um grupo no WhatsApp, mas fiquem a vontade para participar do grupo no Facebook: 

21 janeiro 2016

Spanish and Portuguese Tutoring/Tutor for Americans

Portuguese and Spanish Tutoring!

Hi! I'm Anne Somensi! I am a native Portuguese and Spanish speaker from Brazil.

Price: $50/hr class. I work with Paypal, Western Union and MoneyGram.

E-mail: annerebeca@gmail.com 

Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anne Somensi, and I am delighted to extend my services as a Spanish and Portuguese language tutor to anyone seeking to master these beautiful languages. I hail from the vibrant country of Brazil, where both Spanish and Portuguese form the basis of our rich linguistic heritage.

I'm well-versed and fluent in these two languages, and being a native speaker, I bring an authentic touch to your learning experience, giving you the advantage of understanding the nuances and cultural aspects of both languages that may not be found in textbooks.

As for my tutoring fees, I charge $50 per hour for each class. In order to facilitate a smooth transaction process, I accept payments through a variety of well-known platforms such as Paypal, Western Union, and MoneyGram. This flexibility in payment methods is designed to accommodate the convenience of my students.

For those who are interested, or if you would like more information about my tutoring services, please feel free to get in touch with me. I can be reached via e-mail: annerebeca@gmail.com .

I look forward to being a part of your language learning journey and helping you master Spanish and Portuguese.